Tagine Style Donabe


Product Description

Iga region used to be the bed of Lake Biwa in the pre-historic time. The clay from this region naturally has a higher level of heat-resistance; therefore the potteries for the open-flame use have been made in this region for hundreds of years.Due to the clay from the Iga consists of higher content of carbonated organisms form the pre-histroic time, the clay which makes Iga-style pottery is generally porous. Therefore, it “breathes” during cooking. When cooked with this Iga-Style Donabe, Porous clay benefits the body to retain the heat fully before it penetrates o the core of each ingredient in Donabe. Also, with the effect of the far infrared radiation (FIR), The ingredients cook evenly while the flavors are sealed inside.

Tagine Style Donabe
Item #: DNA-121-04
Size: 12.5″Dia. x 6.5″H – 17oz

Price: $130.00