Product Description

One of Japan’s six old kilns, Shigaraki pottery and stoneware is immediately recognizable for its uniquely Japanese aesthetic. Located in today’s Shiga Prefecture, regional pottery production likely began in the 13th century and remains unchanged to this day. Shigaraki vessels rose to popularity as ceramic ware for tea, commonly using red, green and brown glazes.Made from the iron-rich clay from the bed of Lake Biwa, the warm reddish hue of the clay bears similarities to Iga wares. The celebration of impurities and irregular design compose the signature look of Shigaraki vessels. Minerals in the clay produce different colors and effects during firing, and ash often forms a natural mineral glaze on these products. Fired in cave kilns build into the hillside, the process is laborious and extended, requiring constant supply of wood over many days. These unique kilns allow the free flow of air, which creates rich accents as the iron oxidizes. The coloring of the pieces varies depending on the mineral composition of the clay and the ash, ranging from warm oatmeal, grey and reddish brown to a cool blue-green hue. The crafting process is not disguised but instead recognized as a vital factor in the ware’s beauty, and it is not uncommon to find fingerprints of the craftsman left of finished pieces.

Item #: DE-603
Size: 5.5″L x 13.75″W x 21.25″H

Price: $358.00