Plastic Rice Mold (Oshigata Onigiri)


Product Description

This convenient mold allows you to make five small, triangular omusubi rice bases at a time. Simply pack your rice surface with hot, short grain rice and apply pressure to the mold. Ideal for restaurants and parties, with this special tool you can quickly and conveniently prepare a high volume of omusubi. We invite you to get creative with fillings (salmon, sweet miso, pickled fruit) and mark each variety with a unique nori pattern for maximum enjoyment.

Material: Polyethylene
Highest temperature : 90℃
Lowest temperature: -30℃

Use & Precaution
Do not use with very hot water, as it may cause warping.
To get rid of stubborn stains, please bleach for approximately 20 minutes and then wash thoroughly.

Plastic Rice Mold (Oshigata Onigiri)
Item #: TK-612-08
Size: 3.5″L x 16.5″W x 1″H (triangle shape: 2.75″W x 2.6″H)

List Price: $39.50
Price: $20.00