Plastic Ice Mold Leaf


Product Description

This wonderfully unique ice mold creates a stunning crisp ice “leaf” each time it is used. With a thick leaf wall and a large empty area inside the leaf, the resulting ice leaf makes a striking presentation and a useful one to. Use the iceleaf to preserve the freshness and temperature of shellfish (especially lobster tails, oysters on the half shell, clams, and raw bar items). Place the leaf in the blue plastic liner component of the mold for service which will act as a drip tray. Add seaweed and other greenery to protect unshelled food (like sushi or sashimi) from direct contact with the ice and to add color and texture. And because it takes only about 2-3 hours to freeze each leaf, with a little planning ahead, each guest at your restaurant, dinner or cocktail party can enjoy his own ice leaf delicacies.

Plastic Ice Mold Leaf
Item #: TK-624-02
 Size: 9″L x 6.6″W x 2″H

Price: $24.90