Japanese Sumi Charcoal 22.5 lbs


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Sumi charcoal is a charcoal briquette that is more economical than aramaru and white binchotan. Sumi charcoal is also chemical free and almost smoke free. Sumi charcoal is the easiest to light out of the three types of Japanese charcoals, however they have a shorter life (up to 3 hours).
This makes them ideal to mix with aramaru or white binchotan, due to how sumi charcoal is the easiest Japanese charcoal to burn. The lack of chemical additives and the incredibly high heat preserves the flavorful juices, adds a beautiful sear, and makes anything barbecued on it absolutely delectable.

Japanese Sumi Charcoal
Item #: TK-636-02-22
Size: 22.5 lbs
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Product Description