Hot Pot Donabe Hakeme


Product Description

Yohen refers to the rustic ash glaze used on this piece of pottery, suppon refers to the soft shell turtle that is traditionally cooked in it. The characteristic flat shape is perfect for searing the meat over a powerful flame before adding stock to create a stew. This beautifully designed pot is a great addition to any cookware collection, whether turtle makes it on the menu or not.

The town of Iga was once on the bed of Lake Biwa during the pre-historic period. Iga clay is a very special clay that has been utilized by the Iga town in pottery for centuries. It consists of higher content of carbonated organisms, which makes Iga-style pottery more porous than the average earthenware. The clay from this region naturally has a higher level of heat-resistance, and when cooked the Iga style donabe retains the heat fully before fulling cooking or smoking the ingredients inside.

Hot Pot Donabe Hakeme
Item #: DNA-121-06
Size: 10.75 x 7″H – 96fl oz

Price: $98.00