Hida Konro Grill (Net sold separately)


Product Description

This Hida Konro grill was carved from a single block of the finest quality Keisodo clay. Keisodo is a natural porous clay material that can be found in several regions in Japan where the earth is rich with volcanic ash and marine-based fossilized residue. Keisodo conducts heat evenly and efficiently and Hida Konro have been used in Japan for hundreds of years. Liquid fuel (gel fuel), solid fuel such as canned camping fuel, or natural wood charcoal can be used with this grill.

The protective wood base and square cooking net recommended for use with the Hida Konro are sold separately
Stainless Square Cooking Net – Large
Wooden Base

Hida Konro Grill (Net sold separately)
Item #: KON-101
Size: 7″L x 7″W x 5.35″H

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1                        $37.50

Product Description