Heavy Duty Plastic Battera Sushi Mold


Product Description

This heavy duty mold is perfect for making traditional pressed sushi known as battera or oshizushi. Battera sushi derives its name from the Portuguese word bateria, meaning little boat. One of the lasting legacies of Portuguese influence in Japan, battera sushi remains a popular to this day. Durable and easy to sanitize, this plastic mold guarantees consistent results.

Material: Polyethylene
Highest temperature : 90℃
Lowest temperature: -30℃

Use & Precaution
Do not use with very hot water, as it may cause warping.
To get rid of stubborn stains, please bleach for approximately 20 minutes and then wash thoroughly.

Heavy Duty Plastic Battera Sushi Mold
Item #: TK-612-02
Size: inside: 5.7″L x 2.2″W x 1.3″H

Price: $75.00