Dry Bamboo Skin


Product Description

Make your plating presentation come alive with these exotic bamboo leaves. These real pasteurized leaves, used by many Japanese restaurants for serving their sushi creations, are also an innovative way to serve food at home. Use them for party plates or even an evening meal to add a festive flair. They can also be used for wrapping items such as rice balls or ceviche for unique presentation… imagine the possibilities. The leaves have the scent of fresh bamboo, but this does not affect the flavor of food. They are for one-time use, and are not edible. After opening, refrigerate in water and use within 2-3 days.
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1 case of 100pcs/pack : BULKS of 32

1 case of 200pcs/pack : BULKS of 16

Quantity: 45-50 pcs/per pack (price by pack)

Dry Bamboo Skins
Item #: MP-34110L
Size: 22″~23.5″L x 7″W

Price: $55.00