Cast Iron Grill Square Pan


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The Cast Iron Grill Square Pans beautifully cooks meats and vegetables. The high temperature retained by the grilling pan sears the outside of ingredients and locks in the flavors inside. The indentations are deep enough to elevate ingredients from any excess oils, and helps create perfect grill marks.
This product is coated with a natural oil finish, giving it a distinct advantage over most other cast iron products. As a result of this finish, it is safe to apply heat even without anything inside. Most cast iron products feature an interior that is coated with paint, making them highly prone to peeling when in use and during washing when using abrasive cleaning agents. In contrast, the natural oil finish makes the product resistant to rust and able to withstand extremely high temperatures.
Natural oil finish is a relatively new technology that utilizes vegetable oil. The vessel is first fired in extremely high temperature 800 to 900°C (1472 to 1652°F) to create a natural anti-rust finish. It is then coated in vegetable oil and bamboo charcoal and then refired to for additional protection.

Cast Iron Grill Square Pan
Item #: IP-F802
Size: 13.75″L x 11″W x 1″H
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1 $132.00
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Product Description