Black Rectangular Charcoal BBQ Konro


Product Description

The ceramic tabletop konro is perfect for use with our binchotan charcoal. Featuring a textured black glazed exterior, this konro comes with a clay insert for holding charcoal, a screen, and a wooden base. Great for restaurants and festive evenings at home, our konros are a distinctive way to add an Asian flair to your meal.

Use and Precaution
Please exercise caution when cooking with charcoal. Charcoal should only be used in well-ventilated areas, as it will produce carbon monoxide when burned. Carbon monoxide is an odorless and colorless gas that is hazardous to one’s health.

Please consult our Konro instructions for further instructions and safety precautions.

Japanese binchotan charcoal can burn up to 1832ºF which can lead to an extremely hot konro. To prevent injuries this konro has an outer reservoir which water can stored to significantly drop the temperature of the konro’s exterior. The reservoir also makes cleaning easier as it catches fats and oils.

Black Rectangular Charcoal BBQ Konro
Item #: KON-128-18
Size: 7″L x 5.25″W x 4.5″H

Price: $62.00