Black Bento Box with Cover and Divider


Product Description

This four-compartment lidded bento box is known as the Shokado box, after Shokado Shojo, a Japanese monk, calligrapher, tea ceremony master and poet. Shojo is often credited as having invented the bento box, first using a divided box to house the various seeds he needed for his calligraphy, then using them to house his lunch too. Today the bento box is seen everywhere, not only for classic Japanese dishes, but also as an alternative presentation option for American, Mediterranean, or any cuisine. This version of the Shokado bento box is beautiful, with clean lines and durable construction. The replacement divider is available for the Shokado bento box, should the original become worn with repeated use, while the box itself remains in great condition. Includes

1 divider
Replacement divider

Commercial Dishwasher Safe

Black Bento Box with Cover and Divider
Item #: NR-323
Size: 9.75″L x 9.75″W x 2.25″H

Price: $20.50