Black and Red 3 Compartment Nagate Bento Box


Product Description

This black and red melamine bento box is popular among many Japanese restaurants. Traditional Japanese bento boxes is used to service rice, sushi, pickled vegetables, fish, tempura, all in one box in separate compartments so you can taste the individual flavor of each category. It can also be used in other cuisine with the same idea, serving salad, roast chicken breast, basmati rice, and a piece of fruit all on one tray without the dressing ruining the flavor of the chicken. It is great for serving a variety of food in one tray with a stylish presentation. The bento box is stackable and convenient to serve and store.

Compatible cover :  Black Nagate Bento Box Cover (NR-W2-281/C)
Stackable with : Black and Red 2 Compartment Nagate Bento Box (NR-W2-2815)

Commercial Dishwasher Safe

Black and Red 3 Compartment Nagate Bento Box
Item #: NR-W2-2814
Size: 14.25″L x 5″W x 2.25″H

Price: $11.50